The story of Midnite City

Since bursting out onto the scene with a vengeance in 2017, Midnite City have taken on the world and hustled themselves to the top of the pile to be crowned the true kings of Hair Metal.

The band have released three critically acclaimed albums, with their second album 'There Goes The Neighbourhood' being voted 5th best album of the year in Classic Rock magazine, as well as being voted one of the best albums in the 35 year history of Burrn magazine in Japan.

Since then, the band have headlined tours of the UK, played high profile festivals in Europe, alongside sold out shows in Japan and Australia and continue to dazzle a growing legion of die hard fans (The Midnite Army) around the globe with their high energy, feel good, melodic party rock.

Hot on the heels of their 2021 album 'Itch You Can't Scratch', Midnite City return in June 2023 with the release of their highly anticipated fourth album 'In At The Deep End'. Mixed by Grammy award winning producer Chris Laney (Europe, Crash Diet, Crazy Lixx), the band deliver their strongest album to date, ticking every single box when it comes to late 80's style Hair Metal. From party rock anthems, to melodic rock monsters, to heartfelt power ballads, it’s all here in abundance.

Singer and songwriter Rob Wylde had this to say,
'It's not often we can sit back after an album is done and be 100% happy with it. But in this case, we can whole heartedly say that we are. This is the quintessential Midnite City album, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you'.

Strap yourselves in for the ride of your life!

Miles Meakin

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Shawn Charvette

Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Ryan Briggs

Drums & Backing Vocals